And when you lose control…you’ll reap the harvest you have sown

Our economy is seriously fucked up right now, and no cockamamie $600 rebate check scheme nor any amount of short-sighted interest rate cuts are going to change that. The real problem is that the economy in general has evolved into a massive web of cons. There is so much outsourcing and institutionalized corruption across the board that no one is accountable for anything anymore. I guess it’s not realistic to expect our spineless/corrupt leaders to acknowledge the fundamental economic inequalities that have allowed them to get where they are. They’d just assume take out an additional $150 billion cash advance, pat themselves on the back for taking action, and pray no one calls them on their bullshit before the next election.

At the moment we’re spending a vast fortune on policies that damage the health of our nation. This is no accident. Our current election process requires candidates to whore themselves out to special interests. Once elected, it’s only natural that they put those special interests ahead of the interests of the everyday citizens. Honest working people rarely bother running for Congress because the game is so badly rigged in favor of the elites. In order to restore honesty and integrity to our public elected offices, we must strip the dirty campaign money out of politics by instituting publicly financed elections, then encourage our brightest and most trustworthy individuals to step up and lead.

What you’re hired for is…to help us, not to FUCK US UP!
…to help men who are going out there to try to earn a living

It is the responsibility of government to ensure that both the wealth and the burden of our nation be shared fairly. There needs to be adequate public education and affordable health care for the working class. Our public infrastructure must be maintained with long term ramifications in mind. We cannot allow private utility companies to operate as monopolies. Our economy thrives when there is open competition. We must not allow the Big Oil companies to stifle alternative energy initiatives. Our elected leaders should be aiding the overall progress of society, not protecting the interests of the powers that be.

Less outsourcing, more open-sourcing

When done properly, outsourcing can be a highly effective method for maximizing efficiency. When taken too far, outsourcing eliminates accountability and breeds inefficiency. Take the Iraq War as an example. By outsourcing military operations, we’ve set thousands of gun toting maniacs loose in a foreign country without any real way of controlling them. Since those private companies are getting rich off the war, they have zero incentive to maintain any kind of peace. On the other hand if we properly open-sourced this conflict by inviting in help from nations who could provide peace keeping ground forces that speak the native languages, we’d likely see better results. Of course that would also mean open-sourcing the oil production as a measure of good faith…and that’s precisely why it won’t happen.

Corruption and lying breed more corruption and lying, but eventually there is a backlash. People are sick of being lied to at every turn. In the service based economy, a company is only as strong as its customer service reputation. It all starts with individuals. All we need are a few enlightened souls to take the lead and establish the new standard on a macro scale. Those who fail to adopt the new standards will become extinct.

The Internet will play a key role in establishing the new rules of accountability, both in business and in politics. It’s becoming infinitely easier for the disaffected to mobilize and infinitely harder for the entrenched powers to control the narrative. No longer will angry mobs be drowned out by slick PR-campaigns. It will be interesting to see how long this takes to play out, but given how hard the bad guys are fighting to kill the free Internet, it’s clear they’ve seen the writing on the walls.

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