Come down from the mountain, you have been gone too long…

The time has come for another (insane) concert road trip. I should really know better than to attempt 10hr+ solo drives after last year’s Denver fiasco, but the lure of free Arcade Fire shows (in support of Barack Obama) plus the chance to see my brother (who relocated to Charlotte last year) was just too good to pass up. So Wednesday afternoon I depart for North Carolina - accounting for 2 power naps along the way, I should arrive at the Greensboro site on Thursday morning sometime around dawn.

At the moment I’m focused on stockpiling music for the drive. Nothing is more essential to a road trip than having a wide variety of music at your disposal. It’s important to mix it up between old classics and good new shit - especially on the longer the drives. I always make sure to have plenty of quality live material by as many bands as possible. The hours just fly by when you lose yourself in a brilliant live recording.

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